About Us

Douglas Anderson


Founder and Chief Executive Officer. 

Mr. Anderson was formally trained on Wall Street as an Underwriter. During his career in the Fortune 500 Financial Services Sector, he rose to management positions with $25MM in underwriting authority. 

Starting his own investment banking firm in 1998, Mr. Anderson has been exposed or involved in most aspects of corporate finance including, underwriting, private equity, venture capital, mergers, acquisitions, mutual fund development and management, board development, business plan development, strategic planning, road show and promotion, IPO and ICO.  He has raised hundreds of millions in private equity and worked on transactions exceeding a billion. He has been interviewed and broadcast nationally and internationally, many times as an expert both on NASDAQ and at the NYSE.   Prior to his work in corporate finance, Mr. Anderson served in the U.S. Marine Corps, including the elite Marine Reconnaissance Battalion. He held a Top-Secret clearance and also served operationally in the U.S. State Department at American Embassies overseas and at the U.N. in New York. 

At Mr. Anderson’s request the following individuals accepted board seats with his company or clients:

President of Micro Soft, COO of Boeing, Director of the CIA, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary, President of Texas A&M, Co-Founder of Carlyle Group, Co-Founder Tommy Bahama, Minister of Agriculture Taiwan, Director General of Rural Development PRC, Vice Minister of Agriculture Russia, Chief of Cancer Surgery Sloan Kettering, Co-Founder Costco, Jackie Chan.

Mr. Anderson is or was associated with the following Boards:

Advanced Biometrics (Director), H2O Technologies (Director), CD Com (Director), IOptics (Director), Fast Cash Loans (Co-Founder), Anderson Restaurant Group (President), Flying Horse Ltd. Hong Kong (CEO), Anderson Cattle Co. (CEO), U.S./China Center for Agriculture Technology (Director), First Capital Switzerland (Director), Diego Pellicer Worldwide (Founder, Director), Strang Cancer Prevention Center (Director), U.S. Veterans Cemetery (Director), Orchestra Seattle (Former President). Memberships include; Polo Association, Jockey Club, Cattleman’s Association, Chaine des Rotisseurs, Rainier Club. 

Mr. Anderson’s education includes a degree from University of Washington in International Business and post graduate from Harvard in Finance and Texas A&M in Agriculture Science. He accomplished the following courses through the USMC and US Dept of State; Infantry Training School, RIP School, Combatant Divers Course, Multiple Survival Training, U.S. Intelligence School Sierra Vista, AZ and FBI Academy, Quantico, VA. Mr. Anderson is familiar with several languages.

James Baxter


Chief Operating Officer


James Baxter is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Wall Street Capital Partners. In this role, he is responsible for advancing the organization’s mission, vision, core values and strategic priorities. Mr. Baxter is a strategic and operational leader with proven ability to drive transformation and record revenue growth in organizations through market capitalization and competitive positioning. High-integrity with exceptional experience in building high-performance teams and value-driven operations. Expert in commercialization of intellectual property capabilities into broader global markets, finding and monetizing hidden value and solutions within companies and organizations that can be leveraged for competitive positioning, higher margin value and expansion into new markets. In 1996, after graduating with a Business degree, James founded Axiom Inc, an enterprise digital media company, which he sold to Microsoft in 2004. After successfully selling a second company to Microsoft in 2010, he spent the following nine years buying, building, and divesting companies in a wide range of categories and valuations.